Product, whatever it is, solves your customer’s pain.
If well designed, positioned and managed, it keeps your business competitive.
BIS360 is the first digital platform in Brazil to bring together the best business partners focused on Consulting & Training of companies and individuals in the area of PRODUCTS: Development, Marketing and Management.


Interested in doing business with us? Besides buying our products and services, you can also recommend them or even become a business partner.


With a team of experienced professionals, we help you and your company reach a new level of maturity. To support this change we offer Consulting, Solutions and Professional Training designed for every need. Download our catalog here

Business Consulting

Based on our methodology we have identified in a very practical way how to add value to your business. We work collaboratively with customers to link your Strategy to your Operational capability and thus get real and lasting value for your Business. For this we make a business-centered approach (objectives, positioning and improvements) allied to Product Management.

Professional Development

To support our approach we have developed a hands-on framework based on years of Product Management experience. Our “BIS360 Framework” examines all phases of the Product Life Cycle, from development (Strategy and Technology employed), through the introduction (Sales and Marketing) to its phase-out. Each phase values five layers that we consider fundamental in Product Management: Market, Customer, Business, Technical and Soft Skills. Our goal is teaching you how to apply the best practices in the market to your business!


Do a quick assessment to identify your level of maturity in several areas of the business and how to develop in them.


bis360 alpha

Alpha’s platform enables management teams to make data-driven decisions about products, users, and new markets.


Dervish is a shared organization that provides services in the area of communication, innovation and strategy.

bis360 comunikee

Comunikee is an agency specializing in mobile marketing and customized content development from idea conception to execution.

bis360 TargetRH

TargetRH is a structured consulting firm targeted on hunting, i.e., they hunt for the best leaders. They search for the profile required by their clients by mapping the market, allied with strong consulting efforts.


    Start Where You Are.
    Use What You Have.
    Do What You Can.
    – Arthur Ashe